Customer Service plays a major role in telecommunication industry. Skylog has Customer Service Engineers who provide customers with complete support. Etisalat, a leading company in the telecom industry, is one of our major clients. Our qualified engineers are responsible for performing new installation and fault handling services with strict KPI’s. Our Engineers and technical team ensure that all services are provided with best customer experience.


Through built – in monitoring and implementation procedures Skylog is committed to deliveringquality Telecommunications and Networking project and final products. The procedures begin during the pre – qualification phase with in-house plan reviews, budgeting and value engineering service, after the work has commenced, quality is achieved through a series of pre – qualification conferences for coordinating the various phases of work. Maintaining a clean and safe project site, and employing qualified and competent field supervision. The Quality Control procedures mesh together through a concentrated effort of teamwork involving Skylog Estimators, Project Managers, Safety and Field Staff to deliver the Client a successful project.


At Skylog, safety is a primary concern. Our full – time Manager visits each individual project site – performs regular staff training and networks with others to ensure safe working conditions are being maintained. Skylog has a zero tolerance for unsafe work activities on all of our projects and works diligently to maintain a safe working environment for everyone.

Health &Safety management is an integral part of overall management at Skylog. As a contribution of our role in sustainable development, we responsibly manage health and safety and strive for clean environment. We analyze the effect of our operation on risk profile and environment using best available scientific techniques, on a regular basis

Following principles shall be an integral part of action plans to achieve this strategy:

  • Identification and assessment of all HSE hazards or aspect and the management or their risk or impacts to acceptable level.
  • Compliance with all applicable HSE legal and other requirements.
  • Prevention of incidents, injuries, pollution.
  • Non acceptance of the conditions and behaviors that contribute to incidents and injuries.
  • Optimization of waste and conservation of resources.
  • Recording and communicating HSE performance throughout the organization.
  • Continual improvement of HSE performance.

To accomplish these goals, the implementation of following HSE management system elements shall be ensured:

  • The availability of the resources shall be ensured at all level of operation.
  • Unambiguous job responsibilities shall be defined and communicated to all staff.
  • The competency of the personnel shall be ensured by providing adequate training.
  • Seamless communication related to HSE management system including documentation shall be maintained throughout the organization.
  • HSE performance should be regularly monitored and analyzed.
  • Work environment shall be maintained in clean, tidy and hygienic conditions.
  • Internal audit system shall be carried out to ensure effective HSE management system.
  • All incidents shall be investigated properly.
  • Proper corrective/preventive action shall be taken to reduce loss.


This involved planning,organizing, scheduling, leading, communicating and controlling of work activities to achieve apre-defined outcome on time and within budget.

At Skylog we believe that consistent teamwork is the only way to implement an integrated technology project, this is so true because by definition multiple resource types are used on all the different systems that finally get integrated together to make a working solution.

Project Mobilization

  • Assign a team of Project Manager, Engineer and Site Manager.
  • Explicitly define the objectives and scope of project, always maintain a high-level schedule.
  • Define the Project Management team &identify the roles and responsibilities of each member.
  • Preliminary risk identification.
  • Preparation of the initial project management plan.

Project Planning

  • Precise planning is vital for the success of the project.
  • Orientation of the Project Team Members.
  • Validation and finalization of the project scope and schedule.
  • Define the Quality Assurance Policy & change control process.
  • Project kick off meeting, approval of the project management plan and work breakdown structure.

Project Implementation

  • The teamof Engineer under the supervision of the project leader will design the system and prepare for submission of the consultants.
  • The technical submittals and its corresponding schematics are submitted for approval.
  • Material procurement submittals is prepared based on the approval materials & the program of works.
  • Utmost importance is given to the quality of works and quality checking of the works.

Project Closeout and Handover

  • Operation and Maintenance manuals and the As-built drawings of the implemented project will be handed over to the consultant/client as per the specifications of the project.



Skylog handles outsourcing of highly skilled technical staff to our clients including Telecommunications Manages, Engineers, Technical Support, Controllers, Field Supervisors & Technicians. We have a whole team of professionals with various expertise and skills. Setting up or expanding a business requires a great deal of time & effort. In addition to the setup costs, a lot of time is lost for businesses focusing on HR and Admin related issues. Here at Skylog, we aim to help businesses focus on their core specialization and leave the hassle of office setup and staff support to us. Our expertise in HR, Admin & Payroll services leads to reduced costs and higher efficiency for businesses we offer our support to our clients.